COTE HILL RIDING CENTRE-BHS APPROVED - Joanne Forster - Level III Centered Riding Clinician - BHSAI

Centered Riding

Centered Riding was developed by Sally Swift, it is an innovative way of expressing the Classical Principals of riding, using body awareness and balance to create harmony between horse and rider.  Centered Riding is suitable for all disciplines of riding including dressage, western, jumping and cross country etc as it is a tool to be used to help the rider and not an actual method of riding itself.

It teaches, explains and allows clearer understanding and communication between horse, rider and riding coach/instructor.  Sally Swift initially developed Centered Riding as part of her own teaching ethos and then went on to become the author of two best selling books and videotapes, it is now taught by qualified Centered Riding Instructors and Clinician internationally.

Centered Riding is growing at a rapid rate internationally with Clinics and Instructor courses taking place throughout the year across the world.

Centered Riding is based on the deep study and knowledge of horse and human anatomy, bio-mechanics, balance, movement and on understanding how the thoughts, feelings and actions of the rider directly affect the horse.  It increases body awareness, making riders able to recognise old habits and encourages the mind and body to accept change.

The avenues that Centered Riding can lead you to study further to give you a deeper understanding of horse/human bio-mechanics include Feldenkrais Awareness Method, Alexander Technique, Ballimo Technique to name but a few.

Centered Riding can be implemented into all disciplines of equestrianism.

Centered Riding Open Clinics

Centered Riding Open Clinics are fun and educational and delivered by level III & level IV Clinicians.

Open Clinics are suitable for all types of riders from Novice to Experienced and all types of disciplines.  We often have participants from Western as well as Dressage & Jumping as Centered Riding enhances the rider's balance, weight-aids and position.

The Clinic is Certified through The Centered Riding Organisation.  It is a pre-requisite to do an Open Clinic for anybody wishing to go further and train on an Instructor's Course.

Open Clinics are ran over 2 day and are full of intensive training and learning and run from 10am - 4pm approx on both days.

Stabling & Horse Hire is available at the Centre.

Centered Riding Instructor Courses

Centered Riding Instructor Courses are taught only by Centered Riding IV Instructors/Clinicians - these professionals have studied and trained in-depth in Horse & Rider Bio-Mechanics for over 20 years and travelled internationally to gain Level IV Clinician status 

An instructors course is limited to 12 student instructors.  All participants must have ridden in at least one Open Centered Riding Clinic

The Instructors Course is taught in two parts (clinic format) with the first section being 3 days and the second section being 4 days with 4-6 weeks between the 2 parts.

An Instructors Course is an Intensive Training Course covering Riding, Groundwork, Coaching and Theory.  This Course will give you Certified Recognition as a Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor and make you eligible to join the Centered Riding Instructor's Register.

Whether you wish to coach/teach people in the future or just want to improve your own riding and understanding this course could be just what you are looking for.

Student Riders On Instructor Courses

We also require student riders for the 4 day second part of the Instructor's Course, this counts as an Open Clinic for anybody who needs an Open Clinic under their belt.  The maximum of Student Riders we require is 6.  Student riders participate in all of the unmounted and mounted sections of the second part of the course.

Centered Riding Instructor Update Clinics

At Cote Hill Riding Centre we offer a super Instructor Update Clinic, being just 5 miles from Durham City Centre Rail Station and located 30 - 40 minutes drive from both Newcastle airport & Durham Tees Valley Airport we are within easy reach for people travelling from all destinations.

Visit the What's On Page for details of upcoming CR courses.