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Pony Club Equine Achievement Badges

The full range of equine achievement badges can be seen below.

Regular Badge Rallies are ran throughout the year for our Pony Club Centre members to achieve their badges.

Access to Endurance Awarded to Members who have attained the following badges: Fitness, Map Reading, First Aid (Equine), First Aid (Human), Road Rider, Care of the Foot, Countryside Access, and have completed a total of 50 km of Endurance Rides.

Bandaging & Rugs To be able to put on stable bandages, a tail bandage, a rug and roller and a New Zealand rug.

Blue Cross Equine Welfare Awarded to Members who have attained 10 welfare-related badges:
Bandaging & Rugs, Care of the Horse’s Foot, Feeding, First Aid (Equine), Handling & Grooming, Lorinery, Mucking Out, Perfect Paddock, Saddlery and Shoeing.

Care of The Horses Foot To know something of the structure of the horses foot, the need for daily care and some knowledge of the trimming and shoeing process.

Carriage Driving
To harness up a pony in single breastcollar harness (with assistance). To fit the harnessed pony into a two wheel vehicle (with assistance). Be able to drive off at the walk and halt (with assistance)
Un-harness after.

Countryside Access
To understand simple countryside access law in your country and be able ride confidently and competently in the countryside.

Dressage Arenas
To be able to place the letters in, and know the dimensions, of both a long and short arena.

Equine Behaviour
To be able to deal with ponies in and around the stable according to their behaviour and understand how and why they behave as they do under certain circumstances

Equipment Safety Created in conjunction with BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association).  To know what to look for in a correctly fitting Riding Hat & Body Protector and understand the importance of correctly adjusting the jaw and back straps on hats.  To know when to replace and how to care for safety equipment. To be able to carry out safety checks on tack.

Feeding To know the basic rules of feeding and to be able to recognise different.

First Aid (Equine) To know how to treat minor wounds and illness. To be able to recognise signs of good/ill health and know about the necessary protection against Tetanus, Flu and Worms.

Fitness To understand why a pony shouldn’t be too fat/thin. To understand the work/feeding required to keep your pony in good condition and fit for the job he is about to do.

Handling & Grooming To be able to run up a pony in hand and to tie it up safely. To be able to identify and use all grooming utensils correctly.

To be able to load/unload a pony, with assistance, safely into/out of a trailer or horsebox.
Lorinery Aimed at a higher level candidate, this badge looks at all aspects of Lorinery from pre-bitting considerations to bit manufacture.

Members must show the ability to sit straight and in balance while on the lunge in walk and trot, with and without reins and stirrups. They should be able to show some simple suppling exercises on the move and rising trot without stirrups.

Mucking Out
To be able to name and use stable tools to muck out and to talk about different types of bedding.

Native Breeds
To be able to identify British breeds of horses and ponies, where they originate and their physical characteristics.

Perfect Paddock
To know what your pony needs from his paddock, from topics such grass type, fencing and poisonous plants.

To know the principles of plaiting a mane and tail, know occasions when the horse/pony should be plaited and recognise a well plaited mane and tail.

Points of the Horse
To know the points of the horse, colours and markings.

RDA Volunteering
For Members aged 12 years and over. To have a basic understanding of the work of the Riding for the Disabled Association and volunteer on four occasions at a local RDA Group.

Road Rider
To be able to apply the ‘Green Cross Code’ and Highway Code as a road user. For more information and examiners notes, go to the Instructor Resources page.

Be able to name the parts of, and put on a saddle and a snaffle bridle, know about the care and cleaning of same. Be able to identify common bits, i.e. Eggbut/Loose-ring Snaffle, Pelham etc

Security Awareness
To be aware of the security issues related to keeping horses and relevant crime prevention methods.

To know the indications that a pony needs the farrier, what to look for in a newly shod foot, and to know the blacksmith’s tools.

Tack Cleaning
To know the equipment needed, the importance of a clean bit and be able to undertake a daily and weekly clean.

Turnout of Pony & Rider
To be able to turnout rider and pony to The Pony Club standard.  To understand why it is necessary to be clean and tidy.

Worm Control