Joanne Forster - BHSAI - Centered Riding Instructor Level II - Pony Club Sessions
Joanne Forster - BHSAI - Centered Riding Instructor Level II - Horsemanship & Riding with Understanding

Pony Club Sessions

WHAT are our PONY CLUB sessions?
Our PONY CLUB sessions are so popular that we've had to expand our number of sessions.

Pony Club is run in groups of children who learn the following alongside social interaction:

  • a balanced seat,
  • a sensitive and assertive handling of animals
  • an age-appropriate knowledge of the care of the attitude to leisure and sport
  • learn how to handle, groom, tack-up and care for a horse or pony.

For sessions we use our well trained horses & ponies that are appropriate to the size of the learners that come on the sessions and we also use 'Apollo' our Riding Simulator.

... The aim is to help the youngsters understand how to learn how to handle a pony, understand a pony and ride a pony from an early age whilst also developing correct rider balance and awareness. 

The children take regular certified tests and exams, these tests and exams are nationally recognised throughout the structure of The Pony Club.

Centre members also have the opportunity to represent the Centre on the ponies at competitions and other activities when their riding is deemed to be a level that is suitable.

Enjoying games in the fields during the summer