Joanne Forster - BHSAI - Centered Riding Instructor Level II - Joanne Forster
Joanne Forster - BHSAI - Centered Riding Instructor Level II - Horsemanship & Riding with Understanding

Joanne Forster - Centered Riding Instructor II - BHSAI - UKCC level 2

Joanne Forster- a qualified Centered Riding Instructor level II, BHSAI and UKCC Level II Equestrian Coach who specialises in Rider posture and Horse & Rider bio-mechanics is the founder of the Centre and is based at the Riding Centre.

Joanne is Classically trained and is currently studying towards Centered Riding Level III Clinician status having trained and studied Centered Riding since 2002, she is driven by her passion to help all riders to learn how to improve their riding and confidence to the best of their ability whilst overcoming fears and self-limiting beliefs.    Joanne's belief is if you teach someone to ride in better balance they will feel more secure and the end result will be a more confident rider.

Joanne is one of the 3 level II Centered Riding Instructors in the UK, is currently studying towards her Level III CR clinician status and is also a qualified BHSAI, UKCC Equestrian Coach level 2, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and has a diploma in Sports Psychology.